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That's Not Important, now.

oh, moment is over.

If you’re a frequenter of gossip sites, as I am, you may have heard/read the recent scandal surrounding the sainted (should that be capitalized?) Angelina Jolie. She said in a recent interview, or some instance where someone wrote down what she said, and stated that she really only talks to Brad Pitt and doesn’t have a lot of friends. People are going a little bit crazy over this, as they do over most things celebrities say and do.

Now, I know I’m not as special and interesting as most celebrities but I can see where Mz. Jolie is coming with her issues talking to anyone else but her spouse. I agree, my husband “gets me” like no one else does.

I’m now going through another round of try to make friends at my workplace. I don’t make friends easily. I have very few friends who I know who know me in return. I’m complicated, confusing and insane and people don’t want to have to take someone on like that. I’m not an easy person to be friends with. I also have a hard time talking to people who take and don’t give, I give but most people I know take more than their fair share. I find it difficult to sit and talk to someone who just exhausts me with their selfishness. I’m self involved and crazy but I at least ask someone how their life is.

I don’t see a huge problem with having my husband as my best friend, I just feel bad for him. He has to take the brunt of all the crazy that occurs in my head on a daily basis. I wish I had someone else to vent to, that’s most of the reason I take to the internet and write like someone is reading/listening. I don’t want to have to dump all over him, he has his own problems and his own issues and doesn’t need to carry around mine, but we’re a good couple and we communicate well. We talk openly about everything and don’t keep secrets, I do this so I don’t turn into my mother. – She’s a topic for another day, fuck a novel or a whole series.

People are disgusting, the make me hate living or leaving the house.

I’m a good friend despite all my insanity, tactlessness, and ideals. I’ve found books make better companions than most people.


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