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That's Not Important, now.

oh, moment is over.

Stupid title, not a good sign… I really couldn’t think of a good title though.

I’m trying to think of things, a lot of things. For the last couple weeks, I had an idea rolling around in my head. Nothing really amazing or anything, some sort of a dystopian book I suppose. I was working on the beginning while I drove back and forth to work, I felt like it was going well… at least in my head it all made sense but when it comes down to the writing part, nothing remained. Ideas, fine/ok ideas but it seems like they were all lost before they came to anything. Dammit.

How do you write? How do you sit down and write and get the ideas to come out? Where is my disconnect?

I just have these ideas, these characters floating around it my head, sometimes they bump into each other and it gets weird, but most days they just want to come out. I want to tell these stories, I want someone else to hear about these characters and maybe enjoy them like I have. I’ve met them, I’ve found them and they’re worth it to me.


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