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That's Not Important, now.

oh, moment is over.

I think I’m broken, or that the manufacturing plant something went wrong and I’m missing a part.

Ok, so friends of mine had a kid a couple days ago and I understand the whole process I just don’t get the why. That’s why I think I’m broken, I don’t get the whole “kid thing”. I have no desire to have children, what so ever. When I was younger and stupid, ya know a child myself, I dreamed of two kids and gave them names but it was more a fantasy concept of children not even close to reality. In a dream kids are perfect and everything you didn’t get to be as a child but I know for a fact that I’d have sarcastic pain in the ass children straight from the womb. I also don’t want the pressure of having to care for a little life, it’s not a bag or a pair of shoes to accessorize your life with. Child rearing is a huge responsibility and I just don’t like responsibilities much.


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