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That's Not Important, now.

oh, moment is over.

It’s funny, as I was walking through the parking lot that separates Barns and Noble and The Home Depot to where my car was parked I was over come with a feeling that I didn’t immediately recognize. The feeling, the unknown one, started at my toes and slowly made its way to my heart where it lightened my soul. I felt at ease, calm and relaxed which brought a hidden smile to my lips. Content, I felt content and was almost unnerved by it.¬† I laughed, not loud enough for a passerby to hear but enough that it made me feel light. I wanted to walk there forever.

But last night, Saturday night, I was traveling inside the abyss of mind and I was brought down below reality. There, separate from the world, I was crushed with images of pebbles. In that moment I was the rock with points and abrasions in a sea of smooth pebbles. The pebbles lay there, sun glimmering off their surface not remembering what it was like to have edges. I don’t know how to be a pebble but I will become sand.


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