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That's Not Important, now.

oh, moment is over.

I’ve read Jacqueline Carey’s two previous trilogies set in her alternate world and I loved them dearly, Kushiel’s Dart has a special place in my life. But  it pains me greatly to say that I’m still very luke warm on Moirin’s story. I don’t think I can pin point what I don’t like about Moirin and why I’m not dieing to find out what happens in the next book like I was with Phèdre, it’s more slight curiosity than desire.  I don’t’ find the characters as compelling or multidimensional as the could have been and I’m not asking for over the top heroes and heroines but in this book Moirin was very flat. And I’m not getting a good sense of what Moirin’s destiny is and it seems less epic and more boring to me. And why is there such a defined line between good and bad characters now? I loved how Carey could write characters and give them motivations that made them do evil/wrong things for all the right reasons but that seems to have been lost.

The book begins where the first one leaves off, Moirin in search of the other half of her soul, that lies in the body of Bao. This takes her from the bed of a Ch’in Princess to the tent of a kind Tatar family, a place previously mentioned in the series and expanded upon in a way that seems overly perfect. We also get to see what has been happening in Vralia since Imriel’s second book and an introduction of some new places not mentioned before. The bulk of the book feels very like a transition and as the reader I just wanted Moirin to get to Bao and be done with it already, of course it wasn’t that easy.  On the romance part, I liked these two characters together but I think their relationship together will be much better in the next book (they always are). The world that these characters inhabit pulls me in and makes me wish that I was able to live there with them.

To be honest with you, I’m having a difficult time trying to write a review because I love the author so much but I don’t like her current series as much as the last ones she worked on. You get all the same elements you would expect from a Carey book: Sex, intrigue, interesting locations, notable secondary characters and a romance as the back bone of the whole trilogy but I feel like for her, this has become formula. While reading this book, I found myself comparing it to Imriel’s and Phèdre’s trilogies and there are some stark similarities that let me down. As a stand alone series it’s ok but as a follow up a little lacking.

Naamah’s Kiss was a good opener and I liked the book but Naamah’s Curse wasn’t as good, it kind of felt like Carey was fulfilling a contractual obligation rather than writing for pleasure. I will definitely read the third one coming to us next summer (2011), not because I miss the characters like I did with Phedre or Imriel’s books, but it’s because I hope for a good ending and a hint at a good future.

PS- What was with all the references to Phèdre or Imriel? Don’t tell me that there hasn’t been any notable D’Angelines or Albans in the last 200ish years? Stop making Moirin compare herself  to Phèdre, I makes me roll my eyes every time.


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