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That's Not Important, now.

oh, moment is over.

Oh, don’t listen to me… I’m rambling on about nothing. Move along, nothin’ to read here.


Hey! Oh, hi. Yeah, we know each other, don’t we?

I’ve been absent in a lot of things lately, mostly my own mind but that’s fodder for another post, I tell ya.

Tonight I’m sleepy but some what aggravated. Yes, I will tell you why. I don’t care for alcohol. Yeah, funny if you know me because I’m quite Irish. I mean, seriously Irish. I’ve got the red hair, well it’s dyed at this point but when I was younger it was a lovely shade of strawberry blond, freckles(lots of  ’em), and I melt in the sun. So, yeah I’m Irish and I’m not a huge fan of alcohol… but only when my husband drinks not when I’m drinking (the Irish way I do believe). I’m not going to go into details or specifics but I just would prefer him doing his drinking at home, alone like a normal person. Ok, not alone but with me supervising his stupidity. Ya know?

In other news, I’m working a lot, but not a lot because I have a long drive to work. I know that’s confusing but I’m working short hours and driving a ways to get there. I don’t personally enjoy that but it’s a job and I’m glad I’ve got it.

And there are times I would love to write here, tell ya about some cool/interesting stuff I’m doing… but alas I don’t do interesting things. I work, I cook and I read books and/or watch tv. I could have documented the putting together of my new elliptical trainer but that was boring and my husband doesn’t like his picture being taken. Man, I’m so out of shape, elliptical is kicking my ass. I’ve got another 5 – 10 lbs more to lose before I’m happy. I’d even settle for inches and gaining awesome arms. I’m tired. I’m going to go read and wait up for the husband.

I just finished a book, The Blade Itself by Joe Abercrombie and I’m currently reading Namaah’s Curse by Jacqueline Carey… when I’m finished I’ll review the books here and you can that it from there. I have a day off on Monday, I’ll probably get to that then. Until the, dears.

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