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That's Not Important, now.

oh, moment is over.

It’s just after 7 and I’ve got brownies in the oven. Today has been a calm, easy-going kind of day. I’ve been home all day by myself and I anticipate another 2 or more hours alone. I don’t really enjoy having all that much time alone, it makes me all reflective and that makes me feel all “emo”. Ha.

Honestly, though, loneliness does weird things to me.  It makes me question my worth, it makes me question my place in my world and it makes me question what kind of person I am. I think about it, in relation to other people an the fact that one day a week I can’t find anyone to spend a friendly day with me. Right now, most of those emotions are not plaguing me and that’s really because we’re still new here. In 3 or more months I’ll probably feel like giving up, start drinking and writing bad poetry during the day.

Right now I have my books, my iced tea and tv to keep my sanity, slightly.


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