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That's Not Important, now.

oh, moment is over.

Introduction to me. It’s not very interesting or cool and it might set the tone of the whole “blog” but that’s what I felt like writing tonight.


I’m the awkward new guy, or gal as it were, all over again. (Side note, I hate the way the word ‘awkward’ looks, just sayin’.)

So here it is, I’m jumping on a ship again. I love any outlet where I think someone is reading and listening to what I’m saying. I like having attention but not having to see the person looking at me. I’m vain but not completely, it’s an artist thing and you won’t get it so don’t even try.

Oh, back to the original reason for this post, it’s like an introduction of sorts. I’m making myself known to you, the reader who ever you are. I’m a 20 something woman (eh, still feel like a kid though), married, no kids, working and hoping to go back to school again in the none too distant future. Like I listed above, I like a little bit of attention but as long as I’m the one controlling it. That’s pretty much why a lot of the social networking, social narcissism as it should really be called, appeals to me so much. You can pretty much find me on anything hip, cool and totally “now” if you know what I mean. But I’m really not that needy, because I’m no longer that teenager who posts semi nude photos to get comments on Myspace (yeah, I’m old), I don’t need that kind of attention. Right now I need more of an outlet and someone to listen because in my head, there’s way too much jumping around. I don’t have a lot of friends in the real world, not for lack of trying I just relocated across country. My move, my life, my job and my pursuits of higher education will all be topics addressed here. I’m also an “artist” of sorts and I like to flaunt my musings on the internet and hope for some sort of gratification from it. -That makes me feel like the kid asking mom to put the picture up on the fridge but who cares, right?

Like I said, this is just an introduction sort of post. I will probably post an entry tonight about my returning to school, because I was posting that else where and then decided to start this pony up.

So, uh, yeah… I hope I’m interesting enough to criticize or bash and then my life will be complete. 🙂 Oh, go ahead and make fun of my grammar and spelling, that’s nothing new. (Spell check has been my friend for many years and I hope we’re always on good terms.)

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